Dr. Ruetsch founded Health Analytics in 2005 based on the core belief that scientific data can and must be useful in order to be effective in fostering business success. What seems like an obvious assumption is often lost in a basic disconnect between science and the bottom line. We make that connection with a clear goal, supported by leadership, staff, and partnerships that help realize our mission:


To translate scientific findings into practical business solutions for the health care industry.

The Problem


Rapidly escalating healthcare costs, quality of care and access to services continue to be among our nation’s most pressing issues. Citizens, providers, researchers, healthcare-related businesses, policymakers and government officials at all levels are struggling with managing what has become a growing problem from a variety of standpoints.


According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS), healthcare costs will top $8000 per person this year, up by more than $350 from last year. Meanwhile, employers, health care providers, and MCOs among others are balancing rising costs and quality demands. Financial pressure and rapid scientific developments have catalyzed innovations that hold great promise for addressing multiple issues including promoting better outcomes, lower costs and increased access to quality care. However, a fundamental disconnect between science and the bottom line prevents these potential benefits from being fully realized. It is this gap between scientific data and actionable business information that Health Analytics strives to bridge.


Health Analytics' founder, President and CEO, Dr. Charles Ruetsch, has enjoyed a long successful career as a senior healthcare researcher in a variety of business settings, including Fortune 1000 managed care organization and pharmaceutical companies. Over the course of a 15-year career, Dr. Ruetsch was in a unique position to observe the impact of esoteric research data never being distilled into information that made business sense to sales and executive leadership. Other times, Dr. Ruetsch recognized that organizations weren’t asking the right questions, and therefore, weren’t getting the data they needed to make the best possible business decision.


Our Solution


Health Analytics’ services are specifically designed to provide scientifically-supported business solutions.

About HealthAnalytics



1. Define the business question.

2. Design a customized scientific approach to answer it.

3. Conduct strategic research & analyses.

4. Translate scientific results into business value.