Sample Page Header(H1)

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The intent of this CSS Styles Showcase page is to demonstrate all the possible text, image, and other widget styles for this website. In Elementor, these settings can be found in Site Settings -> Global Fonts and Site Settings -> Global Colors and CSS customizations that can’t be covered in either of those places should be set in.

Certain key text types can be logically grouped. For example, a Services H1 text followed by some Services H2 text show how they will typically be stacked and spaced on a Services page. Line dividers are also used to clearly separate the various styles. Particularly pesky CSS styles like bulleted lists within paragraph text and image caption text should also be demonstrated.

Regular H1

Header h2

Regular H2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5

Regular Text

Here is some continued body text following the bulleted list to demonstrate that there’s only one paragraph break following a bulleted list.  

Blog Featured Image

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