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We're always researching at Health Analytics, and we pride ourselves on doing the very best research.  That's why every study we conduct is Institutional Review Board approved which protects your overall welfare, as well as, your rights to privacy and confidentiality. If you, or your practice, are interested in participating in an ongoing study, please contact our study coordinators using the email below:



Active Studies

Impact of Biologics on Medication Satisfaction, Productivity, Disease Severity, and Quality of Life in Patients with Plaque Psoriasis


























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 -  The purpose of this study is to observe changes in your level of psoriasis severity, overall health and satisfaction with your current medication over a 1-year period. To do this, all participants complete a brief (10-20 min)  online survey at 4 time points throughout the year. 


 -  Participation in the study requires a brief (5 min) discussion with one of our study coordinators.


 - If you are interested, please call our offices at 410-997-3314